Technest to Develop Mini 3D Sensor for Urban Combat

BETHESDA, MD--(Marketwire) -- Technest Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: TCNH), a world-class 3D imaging company transforming state-of-the-art technology into real world products, announced that it has received an SBIR Phase I grant from the United States Army to develop miniaturized, low-cost processing 3D sensor technology for near real-time structure mapping for urban combat special operations.

The program leverages Technest's expertise in 2D and 3D imaging hardware and software system development, 3D terrain navigation, and multiple target detection/tracking. Using these capabilities, Technest will create a compact integrated 3D sensor system for near real-time high-resolution structure mapping and object recognition.

Technest's sensor system is based on the company's miniature smart optical sensor, called SOS, and its intelligent multi-sensor fusion and 3D mapping algorithm. The SOS hardware is a flexible data processing and control architecture that can seamlessly integrate multiple sensors to achieve high-speed data acquisition, processing, and communication. Technest's 3D sensing algorithm intelligently fuses data from multiple sensors to achieve high-resolution rapid 3D mapping and reliable object recognition.

Gino Pereira, CFO of Technest Holdings, Inc., said, "Our miniaturized 3D sensor will have a wide number of applications in commercial as well as military areas. The technologies developed within this research effort will also prove beneficial to other computer vision applications like 3D target recognition, 3D image registration and target tracking. The major uses for this product will come from military reconnaissance operations, but there are numerous commercial applications as well, such as building surveillance, and domestic search and rescue operations."

Mr. Pereira added, "SBIR grants such as this support our business plan to establish Technest as the leading supplier of 3D imaging products and solutions to large markets such as the military, law enforcement, domestic security and medical devices."

About Technest Holdings, Inc.
Technest Holdings, Inc. is a provider of: advanced remote sensor systems, intelligent surveillance and advanced 3D imaging technology solutions to the defense, homeland security and healthcare marketplaces. Technest is committed to setting next-generation imaging standards through the provision of innovative emerging technologies. Through strategic development, Technest focuses on the creation of dual-use technology and products with applications in the defense, civilian homeland security and law enforcement fields as well as healthcare.

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