TDR Level Meter from Krohne

TDR Level Meter from Krohne
Krohne Inc.

Krohne Inc., Peabody, MA, offers the OPTIFLEX 1300 C TDR level meter for measurement of distance, level, and volume of liquids, pastes, and solids in storage or process vessels. Probe options now include a 2 mm cable version and the device is available with a wider variety of process connections. The level meter can detect and measure interfaces as thin as 2 in. of oil on water, dielectric down to 1.4, and is available with single- or double-rod, single- or double-cable, or coaxial probes. Max. measuring range is from 4–35 m, depending on probe type. You fit the gauge into the tank, wire it, and turn it on to install and set it up. The device runs a self-diagnostic test to ensure proper operation.

Contact Info

Company: Krohne Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-356-9464
Fax: 978-535-1720

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