Tape Identifies Hydrogen Leaks

Tape Identifies Hydrogen Leaks

The result of a partnership between Midsun Specialty Products, Inc. and Element One, Inc., DetecTape is an adhesive tape designed for use by inspection and maintenance teams with the intent of expediting the leak identification process in hydrogen fuel cell, generation, storage, and transmission facilities. According to the partners, it is one of the first reliable, low-cost, and easily deployable leak detectors to enter the market. DetecTape employs a patent pending color changing pigment that is dispersed into a UV protected gas permeable silicone membrane. Within minutes of a hydrogen gas leak, the highly sensitive pigment reacts with the hydrogen and changes color from light gray to black. DetecTape is meant to be used in conjunction with other leak detection tools, such as sniffers and electronic sensors, and provide a localized visual signal to quickly find leaks. The technology is available in tape roll form with perforated strips designed to accommodate many common diameter hydrogen transmission lines. Notably, it utilizes a self-fusing technology that contains no glues, but chemically bonds to itself on contact to prevent conditions related to adhesive failure. For more details, visit http://www.detectape.com

Midsun Specialty Products Inc.
Berlin, CT
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Element One Inc.
Boulder, CO
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