Tantalum Capacitor Sets An All-Time Low

AVX Corp. extends its TACmicrochip Series with what the company calls the lowest-profile 3216-footprint tantalum capacitor currently available on the market. Measuring 0.5-mm high, the first “I” case capacitor (EIA Metric 3216-05) is rated for 10 μF and 6.3V. The full line of TACmicrochip capacitors, which has also offered the industry’s lowest-profile 1206-06 tantalum capacitors since early 2015, is currently available in 11 case sizes with footprints spanning 1005 to 3528, heights ranging from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm, capacitance values spanning 0.1 μF to 150 μF, and voltage ratings spanning 2V to 25V.


Manufactured using a tantalum wafer process to achieve the high levels of mechanical tolerance required for ultra miniature devices, TACmicrochip capacitors feature an enhanced internal construction that eliminates the space-consuming elements of conventional molded J-leaded tantalum capacitors, including the anode wire, lead frame, and the need for larger wall thicknesses. Rated for use in temperatures spanning -55°C to +125°C, the series is generally supplied with tin over nickel terminations, but gold over nickel options are available as well.

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For more information, checkout the TACmicrochip page, email [email protected], and/or call 864-967-2150.

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