Tactical-Grade Inertial Systems from SBG Systems

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SBG Systems

The Ekinox Series AHRS and INS from SBG Systems, Rueil-Malmaison, France, are ITAR-free tactical-grade MEMS-based inertial systems for marine, ground, and aerospace applications. The Ekinox AHRS provides 0.05° attitude over 360° and 5 cm heave, surge, and sway; the Ekinox INS adds 2 cm position thanks to its embedded high-end GNSS receiver. You can connect up to 4 external aiding devices simultaneously to the INS, including RTK GNSS, odometer, DVL, and EM Log. The devices feature an aluminum IP68-rated enclosure, data output rate of 200 Hz with 3 ms latency, noise on Euler angles of <0.03°, a 4 GB internal data logger, and the ability to display data in real-time through an embedded interface.

Contact Info

Company: SBG Systems
Country: France
Phone number: +33 1-80-88-45-00
Fax: +33 1-80-88-45-01

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