Tactex Sensors in TRIL Research Project

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire -) - Tactex Controls Inc. (TSX VENTURE:TTX) announced the shipment of two high density floor sensor systems this week. The systems are expected to be used in research conducted by the Technology Research for Independent Living (TRIL) Centre in Dublin, Ireland as part of the centre's ongoing studies into the physical, cognitive and social consequences of ageing. A large-scale Tactex floor sensor is already in use at the TRIL Clinic at the St. James Hospital in Dublin.

The TRIL Centre focuses on researching new technologies to enable people to live independent lives for as long as possible in the environment of their choice. The multi-stream project incorporates studies on cognitive functions and social connections in seniors and includes a fall prevention program for research into the risk factors for falling in the elderly. The venture is one of the largest research projects of its kind in the world.

"The need to create systems to help seniors age in place is a growing concern across Europe and North America. We are very excited to see Kinotex sensors being applied in a world class research project that addresses this important issue," says Tactex President & CEO David Lokhorst.

Tactex Controls Inc uses patented Kinotex pressure sensing technology to develop and manufacture a range of products and custom solutions for monitoring personal health and wellness.

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