System Offers Wireless Remote Asset Shutdown in Challenging Environments

System Offers Wireless Remote Asset Shutdown in Challenging Environments

For challenging environments, such as oil fields, the Remote Shutdown System (RSDS) can shut down assets remotely with the fail-safe logic necessary for wireless operation of critical systems. Eliminating the need for costly conduit runs, the long-range (3+ miles) wireless telemetry system can be configured with either a PLC monitoring system or gateway-controlled standalone system that can monitor inputs and generate control commands autonomously.
The RSDS interfaces with any type of sensor and transmits the data wirelessly to a SignalFire Gateway. When operating autonomously, the Gateway generates commands and offloads data to a PLC. The Gateway can also be configured to send signals to remotely-located shutdown nodes that will shut-in the well. To view a video that explains the SignalFire Remote Shutdown System configuration and describes how to install an RSDS in a well site to monitor a tank battery, visit For more details, go to

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