Syntactic Epoxy Adds Little Weight To Finished Products

Lightweight, or syntactic, potting compounds have been used for years due to their exceptional strength, stiffness, dimensional stability, buoyancy, and water resistance. They feature low dielectric constants, low shrinkage on cure, low moisture absorption, reliable thermal and mechanical shock resistance and weight savings. These unique polymers are made by incorporating hollow glass microspheres into a proprietary resin blend. According to Epoxies, Etc., its 20-3035 was developed to weigh half of what most commercially available potting compounds do.


The 20-3035 is a two-component epoxy that can be used with a variety of curing agents to create a tough, thermally insulative and lightweight casting. In addition to the standard bulk packaging, 20-3035 can be supplied in the ready-to-use FreezeBond premixed and frozen syringes for elimination of waste and consistent quality. For more details, checkout the 20-3035 datasheet and also visit Epoxies Etc.

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TE connector, relay and filter solutions can help create a fine maze network of power-cabling to the lights needed for vertical farming. Their solutions are interchangeable, easy-to-install, and will last for years in variable humidity environments.

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