Synchronous Buck Converter Claims Industry’s Lowest Minimum ON-Time

Synchronous Buck Converter Claims Industry’s Lowest Minimum ON-Time
ROHM Semiconductor

Reportedly, the BD51180TL step-down DC/DC converter features the lowest minimum ON time in the industry, making it desirable for high-power applications. Proprietary technology for controlling pulses in a very short time enables a minimum ON time of 20 ns, said to be six times shorter than conventional solutions. This allows stable step-down operation from 48V to 3.3V at a constant switching frequency of 2 MHz. In addition, current mode control provides easy phase compensation required for constant voltage output with fewer external parts. Additionally, the device integrates a high-voltage MOSFET that expands the input voltage range to 65V. Other features include multiple protection circuits and AEC-Q100 qualification.

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