Synaptics Touchscreen Solution Powers Huawei Watch

Synaptics Touchscreen Solution Powers Huawei Watch

Based on proven reliability, low power, and highly responsive human interface qualities such as use with a wet finger, Huawei has selected the Synaptics ClearPad touchscreen for its latest smartwatch. Huawei designers also required a classic round watch face and Synaptics is the only provider capable of a fully circular touchscreen interface. The Huawei Watch was designed by traditional watch designers, combining timeless fashion, sapphire crystal elements and cold-forged stainless steel with Synaptics' cutting-edge touch technology. The level of integration flexibility from Synaptics' advanced touchscreen solution, along with Android Wear, allows Huawei to provide an exceptional user experience in a very stylish form factor.

San Jose, CA

Huawei Technologies USA
Plano, TX

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