Synaptics Announces New Generation of ClearPad Discrete Touch Solutions

SAN JOSE, CA -- Synaptics Inc. introduces three new series of ClearPad discrete touch controller solutions, enabling increased functionality and entirely new dimensions of touch, including force sensing for smartphones, tablets and automotive applications. This latest expansion of the ClearPad portfolio further demonstrates Synaptics' technology leadership in discrete touch solutions, giving OEMs the ability to deliver the most innovative user experience to consumers.

"Our broad patent portfolio and years of proven experience in touch technology has once again enabled us to provide smartphone OEMs and LCMs with cutting-edge user experience solutions," said Kevin Barber, senior vice president, general manager, Smart Display Division, Synaptics. "The latest ClearPad family of products extends into multiple market segments with exciting new functionality and underscores Synaptics' innovation and leadership in creating unmatched touch solutions."

Synaptics 3700 Series:
•Latest flagship discrete touch controller for smartphones
•Supports new technologies including ClearForce variable force sensing, and SideTouch™ for edge gesturing such as scroll and tap -- as featured in the new Xiaomi Mi4c
•Massive performance upgrade, doubling MIPS and memory over its predecessor to enable advanced features
•Supports unique active and passive stylus capabilities as well as non-touch hover performance at distances up to 25mm

Synaptics 3600 Series:
•Optimized for mainstream smartphones
•New silicon architecture for improved touch performance
•Supports new features without additional cost, including enhanced gloved touch, two finger tracking with moisture on display, multiple user-defined gesture recognition, and FaceDetect™ Plus, eliminating the need for a proximity sensor

Synaptics 7800 Series:
•Optimized for large touch screens up to 17.3 inches, including notebooks, tablets and automotive applications
•Processing power that doubles previous generation large touch screen controllers, enabling advanced features and performance needed for larger smart devices
•Features 1mm passive pen support and excellent palm rejection performance
•Advanced moisture and glove performance as well as low power wake-up gestures enhance user experience


ClearPad 3700 and 7800 series are both currently in mass production. ClearPad 3600 series is broadly sampling with mass production slated for Q4 2015.

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