SynapSense Unveils Wireless Green Data Center Solution

FOLSOM, CA -- SynapSense Corp., a leading provider of wireless instrumentation solutions, announced it has closed $10 million in a Series B financing round. The funding is led by Emerald Technology Ventures, with participation by all current SynapSense investors—American River Ventures, Nth Power, and DFJ Frontier. The company will use proceeds from this financing to expand all corporate operations supporting its data-center market initiatives.

Additionally, SynapSense introduced the SynapSense Wireless Green Data Center solution. This initial product offering from SynapSense enables green data centers to dramatically reduce energy costs and carbon footprint while optimizing data center operational efficiencies. Customers have found that the SynapSense Wireless Green Data Center solution provides data center operators up to 1 million vital signs per day, which can enable savings of up to 30% of energy costs by providing new data intelligence, triangulation and tools to monitor and react to actual data center conditions.

"Data centers worldwide are plagued by overcooling and excessive energy costs," said SynapSense Chief Executive Officer Peter Van Deventer. "The data center energy bill is masking the high-risk stresses, such as hot spots, inadequate air pressures, air mixing, and more. But that doesn't address the underlying causes of the overcooling dilemma."

"The SynapSense Wireless Green Data Center solution enables operators to fine-tune their thermal and operating environments, resulting in significant energy and carbon footprint reductions," Van Deventer added. "We're solving the overcooling dilemma."

Emerald Technology Ventures is a global leader in clean technology venture capital that has proven to find and capitalize on investments in emerging green technologies.

"The global data center industry is consuming ever-increasing amounts of electricity as our society continues to convert from paper-based to digital information management," said Scott MacDonald, Partner at Emerald Technology Ventures. "The power costs and environmental impact from data centers are becoming a significant business issue, and SynapSense's technology offers a remarkable solution."

Enabling Green Data Centers
Data center operators face the fundamental issue of having limited, static information sources that do not enable them to effectively manage their dynamically changing global sites. Operators spend significantly to model data center layouts; however, these models are often obsolete as soon as any change is introduced to the data center environment. The operators truly are running blind to actual operating conditions and resiliency risks.

The SynapSense Wireless Green Data Center solution brings the data center operator and facilities management together, providing both of them with the ability to monitor, dynamically adjust, and tightly manage the environment based on real-time information and analytics in their data centers at all times, whether the data centers are in the building or spread across the globe.

Data Centers Now Benefiting from SynapSense Solution
SynapSense is engaged with its Wireless Green Data Center solution in dozens of data centers operated by Fortune 500 companies from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Likewise, SynapSense has been working with industry consortiums and research centers, including the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, to help keep data centers green.

"Wireless sensors will have a huge impact on the way we see our environment, from monitoring energy usage to controlling environmental pollution," said Chuck McParland, Computer Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. "Today, the SynapSense wireless sensor network (WSN) is providing us with data center energy usage information that would simply be too difficult to acquire with any other technology. The information provided by this robust design will have an immediate and positive impact on data center operations. And as this technology moves to other areas, our ability to understand the environment around us will grow."

Additionally, SynapSense has partnered with the Silicon Valley Leadership Group to provide its WSN technology as the benchmark of energy efficiency for the Leadership Groups' members' data centers. These case studies are part of the Leadership Group's Green IT project, which includes approximately 30 Silicon Valley end users and governmental organizations, such as the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, the California Energy Commission, San Francisco Bay Area universities, local power utilities, and technology corporations.

"We are extraordinarily pleased to be working with SynapSense and plan to leverage their wireless data collection, aggregation, and data mining capability to benchmark both traditional and next-generation data centers in collaboration with the Berkeley Labs, as well as assisting them in the development of the U.S. Department of Energy data center assessment processes and tools," said Ray Pfeifer, Chair of the Leadership Group's Energy Efficient Data Center Demonstration Project.

The SynapSense Wireless Green Data Center solution is available now to customers. For more information, visit the company's Web site.

The SynapSense Story
SynapSense was formed in May 2006 by Van Deventer, a former Intel Corp. sales and marketing executive, and Dr. Raju Pandey, a University of California Davis Computer Science Professor, who is SynapSense's Chief Technology Officer. The company's solutions can be found in numerous Fortune 500 companies and extend beyond the data center to providing wireless instrumentation solutions to the entire enterprise.

SynapSense is a leading wireless instrumentation solutions provider based in Folsom, CA. SynapSense offers the world's first wireless instrumentation platform, featuring SynapSense OneClick software architecture, providing customers with a complete software solution and extensive monitoring, tracking, and alert capabilities. For more information about SynapSense, visit the company's Web site.

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