SynapSense Introduces Wireless Sensor Network Platform

FOLSOM, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Unveiling a "revolutionary" wireless sensor network (WSN) software architecture, SynapSense Corp. has introduced solutions based on the world's next-generation wireless sensor network platform for instrumentation and information technology monitoring. Featuring the patented OneClick architecture, the SynapSense solutions consist of a complete hardware and software platform that enables extensive customer applications targeted at industries ranging from manufacturing and data center management to energy, material handling, and facilities management.

The SynapSense OneClick software architecture differs from previous WSN solutions by supporting innovative OneClick simplicity to develop, deploy, and manage applications while addressing fundamental reliability and power issues. In addition, due to its standards adaptability and strong hardware and sensor abstraction capabilities, the SynapSense solution set provides a scalable, robust sensor network backbone and eliminates platform dependencies.

The OneClick WSN software architecture-based solutions are currently in customer trials with leading global technology and manufacturing companies. The platform boasts a scalable software environment for sensor network applications that allows customers to not only monitor dozens of their most critical factory and facility functions but also to dramatically improve their operational efficiencies due to new and improved data sources. These functions involve wireless monitoring, alerts, and Web services for conditions including temperature, humidity, pressure, particle count, flow, tilt and many others. The platform combines existing sensor net industry developments and best-in-class hardware from identified partners with internally developed sensing platforms and software applications.

"SynapSense has created customer-driven solutions based on the SynapSense OneClick software architecture that addresses virtually all of the major issues that slowed the growth and widespread acceptance of WSN technologies," said SynapSense Chief Executive Officer Peter Van Deventer. "The result is immediate traction with a number of major global manufacturers that are relieved to see a single WSN platform that can quickly and easily extend across the entire facility environment."

A platform that can adapt to the different environments of today's facilities is critical to broad WSN adoption, according to industry facilities experts.

"SynapSense solutions allow facility managers to safely and effectively deploy a common platform across their environment, providing them with the reliability and scalability that they demand," said Kit Tuveson, former Director of Global Facilities for HP and former Chairman of the International Facility Managers Association. "Wireless sensor networks will have a huge impact on facility management in the years to come, and progressive customers will begin deploying SynapSense-based solutions now."

The WSN Market
The market for WSN solutions is the result of a new convergence of the instrumentation and information technology markets, as both enable a new "edge" network made possible by the introduction of low-power, low-data rate radio devices. These battery-powered devices, which contain a microcontroller, standardized radio, and low-power sensors, are capable of sensing, computing, and communicating the resulting information in an extremely efficient fashion.

According to ON World Inc., the wireless sensor market is expected to grow from $242 million today to about $8 billion in 2010, with application environments everywhere on the planet where there is a gap in instrumentation.

The SynapSense Story
SynapSense was formed in May by Van Deventer, a former Intel Corp. sales and marketing executive, and Dr. Raju Pandey, a University of California Davis Computer Science professor who is SynapSense's Chief Technology Officer. The company has licensed technology based on research at the Sensor Network Systems Laboratory at UC Davis, where Pandey led the SENSES project.

SynapSense is a leading wireless sensor network solution provider based in Folsom, CA. SynapSense offers the world's first wireless sensor net platform featuring SynapSense OneClick software architecture, providing customers with a complete software solution and extensive monitoring, tracking, and alert capabilities. For more information about SynapSense, visit the company's Web site or contact Patricia Nealon at 916-549-8574 or [email protected].

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