"SYNAPSE": The World's Smallest Brain-Computer-Interface

SAN DIEGO, CA -- Mind Solutions, Inc. (announces the name of the world's smallest Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI), The "Synapse". The product is expected to be the smallest, consumer friendly BCI device to hit the market. Worn on the ear like a Bluetooth cellular device and using one single dry sensor, The Synapse receives electrical waves from the brain and translates these brainwaves into actions on the user's computer or smart phone. These commands can accomplish an unlimited number of actions or tasks through software applications currently on the market and applications to be developed in the near future.

The Company has successfully completed all testing of the device and is gearing up for the product launch. Once all components are received from our suppliers, The Company will begin manufacturing the first production run. Shareholders of the Company will be offered the first chance to pre-order the device online through the Company's website. The exact price has not been determined but The Synapse is expected to retail between $129 and $199.

It is the Company's strategic plan to commence all marketing efforts with the launch of the product. This includes videos, print media, social media and a dedicated PR firm to position the Company's BCI device for maximum exposure as the product becomes available on the market. The Company is arranging distribution channels through Joe Abrams, co-founder of MySpace parent company and active Board of Advisors for Mind Solutions, Inc. These distribution channels are expected to provide worldwide sales as the product is launched.

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