SWS Enables First Sensor's Accelerometers and Inclinometers

CAIRO -- Si-Ware Systems (SWS) is supplying its SWS1110, high performance inertial sensing conditioning ASIC, for First Sensor's new line of accelerometers and inclinometers.

With the SWS1110, the accelerometers and inclinometers are showing best in class performance when compared to accelerometers and inclinometers already on the market. In accelerometers, noise density lower than 30µg/√Hz and bias repeatability lower than 500µg are achieved. In inclinometers, resolution lower than 0.0015 degrees and bias repeatability equal to ±0.0030 degrees are achieved.

The SWS1110 is shipping in volume to a number of MEMS inertial sensor suppliers that are selling high performance gyroscopes and accelerometers. In gyroscopes, the SWS1110 has also been able to deliver best in class performance achieving bias instability (Allan variance) of 0.8 degree per hour, ultra-low noise densities of 5°/h/Sqrt(Hz), and excellent thermal bias stabilities of +/- 0.05 degree per second.

"SWS continues to deliver leading edge ASIC solutions for inertial sensors," said Amr Hafez, ASIC Solutions Division Manager at SWS. "Our proprietary technologies and configurable architectures allow us to achieve superior performance for a wide range of sensing elements. We are proud to be the choice of First Sensor for their high performance inertial sensing applications."

SWS has established a leadership position in ASICs and interface electronics for various types of sensors in the inertial, thermal mass flow, and pressure sensing domains. In addition to its high performance family of ASICs designed for the industrial and automotive markets, SWS also has multi axis silicon proven IP for consumer applications.

SWS's "Platform Approach" allows sensor developers to drastically reduce their development time using SWS's unique development platforms. The development platforms have been used successfully across a range of sensors, from high performance to consumer, and from single axis to multi axis.

For more information, visit http://www.si-ware.com

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