Switching Regulators Extend Battery Life

Switching Regulators Extend Battery Life
Intersil Corp.

Expanding the ISL911xx family of buck-boost and boost switching regulators are five devices optimized to support system power supplies and peripherals such as Wi-Fi or 3G/4G RF power amplifiers. They employ a proprietary four-switch buck-boost architecture that extends battery life by enabling efficiencies up to 96% and providing smooth transitions from buck to boost to prevent glitches and noise. A Desirable feature, the regulators are capable of working with ultra-small inductors and capacitors to fit within less than 14-mm2 worth of board space. A 2.5-MHz switching frequency further reduces the power supply solution size. The ISL91106 and ISL91107 buck-boost regulators offer an input range from 1.8V to 5.5V and integrate 3.6A switches. The new ISL91132, ISL91133, and ISL91134 offer a true bypass feature that works in any single-cell application where the input voltage varies from above or below the target output voltage. The ISL91132 (>1.8A) and ISL91133 (>2.3A) maintain the required output voltage for critical system functions when the input battery voltage is subject to large transients while the ISL91134 (>1.8A) provides a soft-start ramp feature and boost to 5V. All three can run in an auto-bypass mode or in forced bypass operation via a selection pin. The ISL91106 and ISL91107 buck-boost switching regulators are available now, priced at $1.90 each/1,000. The ISL91132, ISL91133 and ISL91134 cost $1.80 each/1,000. For more details, visit http://www.intersil.com/isl911xx-buck-boost-regulators  

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