Switch & Sensor Monitors Cut System Power

Texas Instruments’ multi-switch detection interface (MSDI) devices are said to consume up to 98% less system power than conventional discrete solutions. Reportedly, the TIC12400 and TIC12400-Q1 are the first switch and sensor monitors that directly interface with resistor-coded switches.


Addressing the need to integrate more functionality while saving power and space, the TIC12400 and TIC12400-Q1 natively monitors the inputs and decodes the resistor paths of as many as 54 switches in one device, offloading the signal decoding task from the processor. Additionally, by directly monitoring and providing built-in diagnostics for 24 channel inputs, the devices' polling sequence architecture reduces the system microcontroller active time, significantly cutting system power usage for applications including automotive body electronics and factory and building automation equipment.


Tools and Support


The TIC12400 evaluation module (TIC12400EVM-KIT) enables designers to quickly and easily evaluate the new device's capabilities. It is available from the TI store for US$199.00.


Package, Availability & Pricing


The TIC12400-Q1, TIC12400 and TIC10024-Q1 are available in volume now. System designers who don't require high-volume input monitoring can select the TIC10024-Q1 to simplify the configuration for managing digital-only inputs. All three devices come in a 9.7-mm-by-4.4-mm thin-shrink small outline package (TSSOP). Features and pricing are listed in the following table:


Key features







Number of inputs


24 (analog and digital)

24 (analog and digital)

24 (digital only)

Input sharing & matrix mode features

Yes; up to 54 switch/sensor inputs

Yes; up to 54 switch/sensor inputs


1,000-unit price (USD)





For more details, contact Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, TX. 972-995-2011 or 512-434-1560

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