SUSS MicroTec and iX-factory Join Forces

MUNICH, Germany --SUSS MicroTec, supplier of innovative solutions for 3D integration, advanced packaging, MEMS, nanotechnology, and compound semiconductor markets, and iX-factory, a leading expert for single wafer production and technical services, announced that they are closely cooperating on microfludics and integrated optical applications. iX-factory develops its technologies on equipment platforms that include the newly launched MA/BA8 Gen3 mask and bond aligner and the CB8 wafer bonder from SUSS MicroTec.

The MA/BA8 Gen3 represents the latest development of SUSS MicroTec's manual aligner platform. Its unmatched alignment precision coupled with high resolution and maximum light uniformity makes it the system of choice for a variety of applications ranging from MEMS and 3D Packaging to micro-optics and nanotechnology. The CB8 high performance wafer bonder complements the mask and bond aligner offering excellent pressure uniformity and a unique vacuum-isolated, multi-zone heater. The CB8 supports all standard MEMS packaging bonding applications, such as eutectic, fusion, and metal diffusion bonding.

"Mask aligner and bonder technology from SUSS MicroTec meet our high performance requirements by combining first class quality and precise performance with high versatility and ease of use." Dominique Bouwes, CEO of iX-factory GmbH comments. "As an integral partner, SUSS MicroTec strengthens our ability to meet the full spectrum of our customers' advanced micro and nano technology needs."

"We are proud to play an important role in the continuous education and exploration of the MEMS and nanotechnology field ", said Rolf Wolf, General Manager for the Lithography Division at SUSS MicroTec. "Partnering with iX-factory provides SUSS MicroTec with the challenging opportunity to further expand its technological leadership in the MEMS and nanotechnology market."

About iX-factory
iX-factory GmbH is focusing on the emerging product-market of telecom components and instruments in life science and industrial process control, the latter specifically appealing to the numerous innovative multinational and venture capital companies in chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical applications. The technology combination of microfluidics and integrated optics gives iX-factory an unrivalled competence in the area of (bio)sensors and lab-on-a-chip applications. The state-of-the-art equipment and know-how in fabricating micro and nano structures in glass and silicon, enables iX-factory to create (OEM) customized next generation devices with high cost-efficiency and short lead times.

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