Surge Protection Kits Safeguard IP Security Installations

Transtector Systems’ family of surge protection kits are designed to protect ultra-high power over Ethernet (UHPoE) applications. Each Transtector UHPoE-series kit includes the company’s ALPU Fit and DPR Fit PoE++ surge protection units coupled with L-Com Cat6a cabling (available in various lengths), providing a total solution tested and validated for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Transtector ALPU Fit and DPR Fit units reliably protect sensitive equipment from lightning strikes and other surges. Fully configured Transtector UHPoE kits not only address surge protection, but also include grounding and accessories that are PoE++, GbE and outdoor-rated, reducing the risk of transmission interruption during outside interference events.

Each kit also includes interoperability certification by the Ethernet Alliance, essentially future-proofing the location if users replace cameras and radios with new equipment. Other features include cable lengths of 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200 and 250 feet and a rugged, weatherized enclosure. For more details, visit Transtector Systems.

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