Surface Acoustic Wave Technology Enables RFID

DALLAS /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- X-Change Corporation's wholly owned subsidiary, AirGATE Technologies, Inc., has begun preparations to deploy its surface acoustic wave (SAW) RFID and sensor systems.

SAW technology is commonly used in the electronic circuitry of everyday appliances, such as mobile phones and televisions, where the waves are used to filter frequencies. But RFID (radio frequency identification) developer AirGATE Technologies believes SAW technology may provide a way to solve problems facing companies that have been unsuccessful in deploying common RFID technology to identify, track, and catalog tagged items in harsh environments or where long read ranges are required. In addition, SAW tags can report temperature, especially important in the harsh environments of manufacturing.

AirGATE personnel recently completed training at Carinthian Tech Research (CTR) in Austria. CTR AG is setting new standards in rugged RFID technology and remote access temperature sensors, focusing in particular on surface acoustic wave technology. AirGATE is the exclusive representative for CTR in North America and recently received its first shipment of SAW readers and tags from CTR. "We receive inquiries every week regarding SAW applications," stated Mike Sheriff, President & CEO of X-Change. "We expect this to grow as more companies find that existing RFID systems will not work for their applications, but are prime for SAW. AirGATE has established a presence in this field and is one of a handful of companies with SAW expertise and established support partners. We are prepared to ship SAW-based systems today," continued Sheriff.

About CTR
CTR is a successful and reliable partner for industry-oriented research and development. CTR's research focuses on delivering innovative solutions to problems in automation, process, and quality control. For more information, please visit

About X-Change Corp.
X-Change Corp. was organized to seek merger or acquisition candidates. The company intends to acquire interests in emerging opportunities, such as RFID, that the company believes will generate significant revenues and return a profit to shareholders. Please visit for further information.

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