Supercaps Trim Down For Wearables

Supercaps Trim Down For Wearables

Gearing up for deployment in space-limited wearable devices, the Thinline series single-cell supercapacitors are heralded as the world's thinnest at 0.6-mm thick. To reduce thickness and manufacturing costs, the company increased the power and energy density in its electrode materials to deliver equivalent performance in about half the volume, and eliminated the folded edges and copper terminals that contribute to thickness in its standard line supercapacitors. This unique electrode construction reportedly packs the highest energy and power densities possible into thin, prismatic packages. Features include a power output up to 117 kW/liter, ESR from 16 mΩ, 2x nominal at -40°C, an operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C, and an unlimited charge-discharge cycle life. For complete data, go to  

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