Super-Junction Power MOSFETs First To Achieve 1.5-kV Breakdown

Super-Junction Power MOSFETs First To Achieve 1.5-kV Breakdown

The MDmeshTM K5 super-junction power MOSFETs debut as the first to combine super-junction technology with a drain-to-source breakdown voltage of 1500V. The MOSFET family also claims to exhibit the lowest on-resistance per area and the lowest gate charge (Qg) in the market, resulting in the industry's best Figure of Merit. The devices are suitable for all popular power-supply topologies, including standard, quasi-resonant and active-clamp flyback converters, and LLC half bridge converters. The first two members of the new family, the STW12N150K5 and the STW21N150K5, offer maximum drain-to-source currents of 7A and 14A, respectively, with gate charge as low as 47nC (STW12N150K5) or On-Resistance as low as 0.9Ω (STW21N150K5). Both devices are offered in TO-247 packages in volume quantities at prices of $14 each/1,000 units. For further information, visit

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