Sun Strap the Solar USB Charger that Fits Any Bag Strap Launched on Kickstarter

CLARKFIELD, MN -- Sun Strap uses a flexible solar panel that goes around any bag strap and charges its internal battery as you go about your day. Sun Strap uses a 1.5W flexible solar panel and has a 5600 mAh built in battery that can charge any USB device like your smartphone, tablet or camera. When fully charged Sun Strap's battery is capable of charging for instance an iPhone 5 three and a half times.

On the bottom Sun Strap has a 5V/1A USB output, LED battery indicator and 5V/1A micro USB input so you can always leave the house with a full battery. It's very lightweight which makes it perfect for outdoor activities, weighing only 5.8oz (165 grams) and with a size of: 3" x 15" (7.6 x 38 cm).

Sun Strap is designed to fit around any bag strap, for example your backpack, purse, golf bag, computer bag, and even your bike. Sun Strap is made from weather and water resistant fabric. You can use the Sun Strap for example when: hiking, golfing, cycling, traveling, at school, at the beach, at a music festival, doing outdoor photography, you can even place it on a car seat belt. You are only limited by your imagination.

"When we looked at other solar products we found most of them to be unattractive or inconvenient to carry around or spent most of their time inside a bag away from the sun. We wanted to design something that is always exposed to the sun, charges automatically as you go about your day and is appealing and more comfortable than what currently exists," Says Agust Agustsson, Vice President at Skajaquoda.

Skajaquoda is a research group based in Minnesota, USA. The company goal is to develop products that can restore the balance between humans and nature. Coming from two generations of electricians Einar Agustsson and Agust Agustsson wanted to build upon that knowledge and combine with their business education to progress sustainable energy technology and create something new.

Planned delivery of Sun Strap to Kickstarter backers is scheduled in December of 2014.

1204 11th Ave
Clarkfield, MN 56223
Media Contact: Einar Agustsson
Phone: +1 (302) 504 4448
Fax: +1 (206) 339 5547

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