Sun Launches RFID and Sensor Web Site for Java Developers

SANTA CLARA, Calif. /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Sun Microsystems, the creator and leading advocate of Java technology, launched the first RFID and sensor-based Java.Net community Web site for Java developers. The site gives developers access to a new community of expert colleagues, a full package of information and product demos, free RFID software, toolkits, sample source, and other community resources for the creation of RFID and sensor-based products, applications, and services.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) and sensor-based applications are being used increasingly in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, retail, health care, pharmaceuticals, transportation, logistics, aerospace, and government. They can dramatically reduce costs for companies, increase operational efficiencies, improve security and accountability of assets, and help ensure the authenticity and integrity of products. However, the complexity of developing and integrating RFID and sensor solutions can slow adoption while developers come up to speed.

"Companies that want to deploy RFID and sensor solutions based on the highly secure Java platform need access to quality information and to experienced developers who already have developed real-world applications," said Jim Wright, Senior Solution Architect, Sun Microsystems. "The Sun RFID and Sensor Java.Net community site is designed to promote the exchange of this expertise."

Key features of the new site include access to Sun's Java System RFID Software 3.0, a technology preview that demonstrates the integration between Sun's Java Composite Application Platform Suite and the Sun Java System RFID Software, interactive email lists with access to other professionals on specific topics, a documents and files section, and interactive forums.

The Sun RFID Community has grown out of the experiences of technical collaboration among internal Sun experts and the more than 350 members of Sun's RFID Partner Advantage program. Any developer can access the Sun RFID and Sensor Community by joining Java.Net at Members of the Sun RFID Community can participate in e-mail lists, code-building projects, and community activities. The Sun Java System RFID Software, toolkits, and documentation are freely available for download.

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