Subsea LVDTs from Stellar Technology

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Stellar Technology Inc.

Series LWU displacement transducers from Stellar Technology Inc., Amherst, NY, are LVDTs designed for use in seawater and other submersible environments, including many corrosive liquids. Sensors have unguided armatures with stroke lengths from 0.5–4 in., linearity of ±1%, and operating temperature range from –40°F to 140°F. The LWU60X is an AC/AC unit with V/V output while the LWU61X and LWU65X are DC/DC units with ±5 VDC or ±10 VDC and 4–20 mA outputs, respectively. Sensors can endure submersion in seawater for 10 yr. at a depth of 7500 ft.

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Company: Stellar Technology Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 716-250-1900
Fax: 716-250-1909

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