Submersible Load Cell from Applied Measurements

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Applied Measurements Ltd.

The DDEN range of submersible low-profile miniature load cells from Applied Measurements Ltd., Aldermaston, U.K., are designed to measure tensile or compressive forces underwater or in situations with high humidity or occasional submersion due to flooding. The load cells are available in capacities from 250 N to 50 kN and feature 2 mV/V nominal rated output, <0.25% rated output nonlinearity, <0.30 % of rated output hysteresis, 150% of rated output safe overload capacity (200% ultimate overload capacity), low deflection, high natural frequency, and integral male threads. Options include monitoring/control electronics, calibration as a system, and an integral amplifier.

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Company: Applied Measurements Ltd.
Country: United Kingdom (UK)
Phone number: +44 0118-981-7339
Fax: +44 0118-981-9121

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