Submersible Level Transmitter Takes On Wastewater Monitoring Chores

Submersible Level Transmitter Takes On Wastewater Monitoring Chores
GP:50 Corp. LTD

The Model 311-M351 submersible level transmitter features all-stainless steel construction that ensures high-reliability within challenging wastewater lift station monitoring applications. Its corrosion-resistant design is submersible to 1100 feet (335 meters) WC. It is available in standard ranges from 0-10 ft. thru 0-1100 ft. WC (0-3 thru 0-335 meters WC), with custom ranges available upon request. Units are available with 4-20 mA or 0-5 Vdc outputs as well as an optional temperature output. The submersible level transmitter further incorporates a 3-in. diameter clog-resistant sensing diaphragm and corrosion-resistant protective baffle plate. Optional FM and CSA approvals are also available for hazardous location use. For more details:
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