Stretchable Conductive Ink Embeds Electronics In Wearables

EMS stretchable conductive ink offers a unique solution for embedding electronics in wearable applications including clothing, accessories, and medical devices. The ink can be used to create a thin stretchable form-fitting circuit that allows for both comfort and freedom in wearable devices.

EMS stretchable ink is formulated to withstand many of the tough conditions wearables may be subjected to. Itwithstands over 100 washing and drying cycles, maintains conductivity when stretched or deformed, and maintains good conductivity despite repeated elongation. The ink’s ability to withstand these tough conditions is illustrated by the ink’s current use in the MIMO Baby Monitory a smart clothing application for monitoring a baby’s breathing and body position.

The conductive ink can be printed on a variety of substrates for different applications includeing TPU, nylon, PVC, and non-woven materials.

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Joshua Chirieac-Marinescu
Sales & Marketing, Account Manager
Nagase America Corporation
Office: 408-567-9728 ext. 382

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