Streetline and Cisco Introduce Camera-Based Smart Parking Sensing and Integrated Network Solution

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Streetline and Cisco debuted at Cisco Live!™, a jointly developed, camera-based detection solution that can work in conjunction with or lieu of in-ground sensors to detect parking space occupancy. In addition, the companies unveiled a new, integrated Internet of Things (IoT) gateway that combines Streetline's low-power mesh network and Cisco® Smart+Connected Wi-Fi. The Streetline IoT Gateway allows its sensor data to be transmitted via Cisco Smart+Connected Wi-Fi.

"After two years of working with Cisco, we are thrilled to see new product developments come to fruition," said Zia Yusuf, Streetline CEO. "With the release of the video-based detection solution and the Streetline IoT Gateway for the CGR, we are disrupting the smart city space with offerings of parking solutions that are both technically robust and provide a real business value for customers."

Furthering its position as a true "data and analytics" company, Streetline has expanded its sensing portfolio to include the dually developed detection solution with Cisco cameras. While in-ground sensors are highly effective for detecting vehicles in individually marked spaces, video can provide a level of efficacy for other use cases, such as unmarked zones and spaces.

Cities, universities and corporate campuses all have unique parking environments. By using a combination of sensor and video information, customers can capture parking data from all spaces to make informed and effective decisions. Regardless of the means of data capture, in-ground sensor versus camera, the Streetline suite of applications infer the data in the same way and produce the same robust and accurate analytics for city customers through ParkSight™, guidance data through Parker™ and ParkerMap™, violation data for enforcement personnel through Guided Enforcement™, as well as the entire Streetline application suite.

With the advanced solution of the Streetline IoT Gateway for CGR, Cisco Wi-Fi customers can easily add Streetline's award-winning, patented smart parking guidance, analytics, and enforcement platform as a component of their smart city infrastructure. With parking being one of the largest revenue generators for cities as well as a source of environmental and economic hardship, parking can result in a tangible ROI for cities, decreased congestion, and enhanced quality of life for citizens.

Streetline and Cisco are currently working together in San Mateo and San Carlos. The IoT gateway is currently available for new customers.

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