Stratophase Announces the Successful Results From a Collaboration With the GSK Medicine Research Centre Using Ranger

Southampton, UK, 7 October 2014 - Stratophase announces the availability of data from a collaboration with the Biopharm Process Research Group at the GSK Medicine Research Centre, applying the Ranger system for Automated Closed Loop Feeding Control (AFC) to a CHO cell culture.

The Ranger system consists of a Probe which is mounted within the bioreactor and a System Manager control unit, which directly controls the nutrient feed pump based on the automatic analysis of data from the Probe. The System automatically adapts nutrient feeding to the culture’s requirement during the bioprocess run.

The collaborative case study demonstrated the ability of the Ranger System to support both cell growth and production phases automatically and without the need for user intervention. In addition, the use of Ranger led to a consistently high degree of cell health, a high product titre and consistent product quality throughout the process.

Commenting on the findings, Dr Sam Watts, Technical Business Development Director at Stratophase, said, “The collaboration work with GSK is conclusive in showing the value of the Ranger System to Process Development teams. We were very pleased to see that the beneficial effects of automated feeding control using the Ranger System were clearly demonstrated.”

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