Strain Sensor from PTC Electronics

Strain Sensor from PTC Electronics
PTC Electronics Inc.
PTC Electronics Inc., Wyckoff, NJ, offers the Epsimetal strain sensor that features built-in strain gauge conditioning using RS-232, a measuring range of 1000 µm/m, and a resolution of 1 µm/m in tension or compression. Preloading compensates the sensor, resulting in excellent repeatability and no zero shift. You can install the device either using 4 screws or by bonding it directly to a surface using removable mounting heels. Heels can be custom-made to accommodate any specific surface. Applications include strain measurement on die casting machine tie bars, load monitoring on structures and bridges, and stress measurement for composite structures.

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Company: PTC Electronics Inc.
Phone number: 800-989-9518
Fax: 201-847-1394

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