Strain Gauge Amplifiers from RAETECH

Strain Gauge Amplifiers from RAETECH

RAETECH Corp., Ann Arbor, MI, offers programmable strain gauge amplifiers for use in automotive, transportation, aerospace, robotic, and biomedical applications. The small devices provide temperature compensation while surviving heat, shock, and vibration. Programming is through the power and signal leads. The devices are rated from –40°C to 125°C, tested from –55°C to 165°C, provide 5 V bridge excitation and 0.1–4.9 V output, and accept 8–36 VDC. The amplifier is 18 mm by 9.7 mm by 4.4 mm and weighs 1.5 g. It is available as a bondable module or an inline assembly. Gain and offset are PC-programmable and adjustable.

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Company: RAETECH Corp.
Phone number: 734-665-2215
Fax: 734-665-2626

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