Strain Gauge Amplifier from Stellar Technology

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Stellar Technology Inc.

The AP5201 from Stellar Technology Inc., Amherst, NY, is a general-purpose signal conditioner for DC-excited strain-gauge pressure transducers, load cells, and torque transducers. The inline amplifier provides filtered analog output of ±5 VDC, ±10 VDC, or 4–20 mA, field-selectable by the user. Features include zero and span adjustments through coarse rotary switches and potentiometers, ability to accommodate full-bridge DC strain-gauge sensors with bridge resistances from 120–10,000 ohm, and a rugged ABS flame-retardant case. Because the device can be placed inline, it can be located away from high-temperature, high-humidity, or corrosive environments that the transducer may be exposed to.

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Company: Stellar Technology Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 716-250-1900
Fax: 716-250-1909

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