Strain Gauge Amp Boosts Higher Resolution And Sample Rate

Strain Gauge Amp Boosts Resolution And Sample Rate

The XN4-V2 embarks as a new version of the XN3 strain gauge amplifier. It is a PCB analog strain gauge amplifier boasting high resolution and a sampling rate up to 9KHz. Users can program gain and offset even if the amp is not linked to strain gauges. Programmable offset is displayed in mV and gain in 1/10 (Gain from 70 to 1250) with an offset value from 0 to 5 V. There is no need to apply a force to program a gain. The output signal can increase or decrease under load and operating temperature range is rom -4°F to +257°F. Due to its small size, the XN4 can be bonded close to the gauges (quarter bridge, half bridge, or full bridge; compatibility with any gauges: 120 up to 10 000Ω), which reduces noise on the signal.

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