STMicroelectronics, ETAS, and ESCRYPT Streamline Development of Secure Connected-Car Applications

STMicroelectronics, ETAS, and ESCRYPT Streamline Development of Secure Connected-Car Applications

STMicroelectronics is collaborating with automotive embedded systems provider ETAS, and embedded software subsidiary ESCRYPT to deliver a complete platform comprising microcontrollers, software tools, and security solutions that accelerates development of automotive control units for the connected-car age. Auto designers are relying more on electronic control units (ECUs) to manage intricately featured applications, including brake-by-wire, automatic transmission, multi-mode lighting, parking assist, collision avoidance and many others. ECUs are enabling digital control of each function of the car through sending commands over the communication network that interconnects the vehicle sub-systems. Moreover, more cars are becoming connected to the cloud enabling new functionalities like Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates, remote diagnostics, and the forthcoming V2X communication. To safely support such trends, there is an acceleration in the deployment of robust hardware and software security platforms that are managed over the entire vehicle lifetime. ST is working with ETAS and ESCRYPT to deliver a cost-effective platform for sub-system developers to create ECUs that ensure a high level of protection for vehicle-owners’ privacy, OEMs’ intellectual property, ECU functional integrity, and secure communication among the car’s ECUs and the cloud.

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