Stepper Delivers Enhanced Productivity, Improved Support for FOWLP

Stepper Delivers Enhanced Productivity, Improved Support for FOWLP

Canon’s FPA-5520iV i-line stepper succeeds the FPA-5510iV that was launched in July 2011, and is recognized for its high resolution and overlay accuracy. The FPA-5520iV lithography tool offers improved Fan Out Wafer Level Package (FOWLP)2 functionality and is designed to help users enhance their productivity. FOWLP technology is regarded as a next-generation packaging technology that enables the fabrication of thinner System in Package (SiP) modules combining different semiconductor chips with varying functions, such as processors and memory, and is expected to support the realization of higher-integration-level, thinner-package semiconductor devices with low-production costs. For more details, visit

Canon USA Inc.

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