Stepdown Converters Boost Efficiency, Save Board Space

Texas Instruments 0.5A LMZM23600 and 1A LMZM23601 DC/DC 4V to 36V step-down dc/dc converter modules measure 3 mm x 3.8 mm and require two external components for operation. They achieve up to 92% efficiency and feature tiny MicroSiP packaging that shrinks board space by up to 58%.

Both modules are offered with either fixed 5V or 3.3V output voltages, or with external synchronization and adjustable 2.5V to 15V output voltages. The LMZM23601 features a mode pin that allows operation at a fixed frequency for low electromagnetic interference (EMI), or an automatic pulse frequency modulation control mode for high efficiency at light loads.


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Other features of the LMZM23600 and LMZM23601 include:

  • Provides 92 percent peak efficiency and 85 percent full-load efficiency for 24-V to 5-V power conversions.
  • 30-µA quiescent current increases light-load efficiency and extends battery life in battery-powered applications.
  • Small, 10-pin, 3.0-mm-by-3.8-mm-by-1.6-mm MicroSiP package with integrated inductor enables a complete fixed 3.3-V or 5-V output solution measuring just 27 mm2. With only two external components, the module reduces solution size by up to 58 percent when compared to a discrete solution with similar input and output voltages, output current and switching frequency.  

Prototype samples of the 1-A LMZM23601 with an adjustable output voltage are available now. Production samples of the 0.5-A LMZM23600 with fixed output voltages, as well as the LMZM23601 with adjustable and fixed output voltages, will be available in May 2018. The LMZM23600 is priced at $1.95 and the LMZM23601 is priced at $2.40 each/1,000. For greater insight, datasheets are available.


Texas Instruments Inc.

Dallas, TX



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