Step-Down DC/DC Controller Eliminates Surge Protection Devices

Step-Down DC/DC Controller Eliminates Surge Protection Devices
Linear Technology Corp.

The LTC3895 high voltage non-isolated synchronous step-down switching regulator controller drives an all N-channel MOSFET power stage. Its 4V to 140V (150V Max) input voltage range is designed to operate from a high input voltage source or from an input that has high voltage surges, eliminating the need for external surge suppression devices. The device continues to operate at up to 100% duty cycle during input voltage dips down to 4V and the output voltage can be set from 0.8V to 60V at output currents up to 20A with efficiencies as high as 96%. Current draw is 40 µA in sleep mode with the output voltage in regulation. An internal charge pump allows for 100% duty cycle operation in dropout. Additionally, the LTC3895 operates with a selectable fixed frequency between 50 kHz and 900 kHz and is synchronizable to an external clock from 75 kHz to 850 kHz. The user can select from forced continuous operation, pulse-skipping or low ripple Burst Mode operation during light loads. The LTC3895 is available in a TSSOP-38 thermally enhanced package with several pins removed for high voltage spacing. Two operating junction temperature grades are available with extended and industrial versions from -40°C to 125°C and a high temp automotive version from -40°C to 150°C. Price starts at $4.70 each/1,000. For more information, visit

Linear Technology Corp.
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