Stat App Meets Industrial Cleanliness Requirements

Designed to meet the cleanliness requirements of modern industry, the CIX100 cleanliness inspector is a turnkey system for counting, analyzing and classifying micron-sized contaminants down to 2.5 µm. The company has released the second version of the system’s software, OLYMPUS v1.2 software that extends compliance with those requirements.


Features of the updated application include intuitive workflows and step-by-step user guidance, smart report tools using predefined templates that comply with industry standards, functionality for evaluating trends in contaminant data over time, and the ability to view data captured during multiple tests to identify and monitor trends. Users can enter date ranges, lot numbers, and other search criteria and then display the data in table or graph form to look for trends. The data can be easily downloaded to MS Excel software or exported as a .csv or .dfq file.

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Additional features include:

  • The ability to manually add and delete focus points when defining a sample’s focus map
  • Export any particle table, classification table, sample table or report table to Excel software
  • Customize the particle table by selecting which measurements are displayed
  • Create presets so saved parameters are automatically entered in the scan settings
  • Relevant data, including images and class results, displayed live on a single screen during inspection

The OLYMPUS CIX100 system supports international standards used in the automotive industries such as

  • ISO 16232 (A) (N) (V)
  • VDA 19.1 (A) (N) (V)
  • ISO 4406
  • ISO 4407
  • ISO 12345
  • NAS 1638
  • NF E48-651
  • NF E48-655
  • SAE AS4059

Additionally, as opposed to focusing on the results of one cleanliness test at a time, the updated version enables users to compare the results from many tests to look at changes and trends over time. More specs and data for the OLYMPUS CIX100 system and software are available.


Olympus Corporation of the Americas

Center Valley, PA



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