StarTrak Awarded Contract for Water-Quality Monitoring System

SCOTTSDALE, AZ /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Alanco Technologies Inc. announced that its StarTrak Systems subsidiary has been awarded a pilot contract to demonstrate its new REMTrak remote environmental monitoring system at a high-security government facility to monitor water contaminants, including volatile organic chemicals, trace inorganics, and radioactive materials. REMTrak uses StarTrak's standard ReeferTrak communications modem and existing wireless telematics network, with the addition of specialized sensors and analysis tools for the new market application. A solar power feature allows REMTrak units to be located virtually anywhere on Earth. The new remote monitoring system is capable of continuously sampling a wide variety of environmental variables and wirelessly transmitting data to a central monitoring authority at reduced costs, compared with current sampling and transport practices at these remote locations.

The potential market opportunity for remote environmental monitoring systems is multiple thousands of rural-site installations at state and federal government facilities, military bases and in the oil and gas, mining, and agricultural industries.

StarTrak President Tim Slifkin, commented, "The new REMTrak application demonstrates the flexibility of StarTrak's existing technology and network infrastructure to respond to new market opportunities. Although our primary focus remains in the cold chain and transportation segments, we continue to seek opportunities to expand our technology to additional vertical markets."

About Alanco
Alanco Technologies Inc., headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, is a rapidly growing provider of wireless tracking and asset management solutions through its StarTrak Systems and Alanco/TSI PRISM subsidiaries.

StarTrak Systems is a leading provider of GPS tracking and wireless asset management services to the transportation industry and the "dominant provider of tracking, monitoring, and control services to the refrigerated or "reefer" segment of the transportation marketplace." StarTrak products increase efficiency and reduce costs of the refrigerated supply chain through the wireless monitoring and control of critical reefer data, including GPS location, cargo temperatures, and reefer fuel levels. StarTrak offers complete integrated solutions for refrigerated trailers, trucks, railcars, and containers.

Alanco/TSI PRISM is the leading provider of radio-frequency identification (RFID) real-time tracking technologies for the corrections industry. TSI PRISM systems track and record the location and movement of inmates and officers, resulting in enhanced facility safety and security and significant staff productivity improvements. Using proprietary RFID tracking technology, TSI PRISM provides real-time inmate and officer identification, location and tracking indoors and out, and is currently used in prisons in Michigan, California, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Virginia, and Indiana.

The company also participates in the data-storage industry through its wholly owned subsidiary, Excel/Meridian Data Inc., a manufacturer of network attached storage systems. Excel delivers uniquely scalable, manageable, and cost-effective storage solutions for all network-storage customers.

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