Standex-Meder Electronics announces that it will exhibit its range of transformers and inductors at APEC 2014, March 17-19 at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, TX. Standex-Meder will be showcasing its full line of magnetic solutions at the show, including its space-saving planar transformers and inductors. Standex-Meder engineers will be available to discuss products and capabilities with attendees.

Standex-Meder’s planar transformers and inductors are ideal for applications for which repeatability, efficiency, thermal performance, and a low profile are essential. Built using flat copper windings (PCB) or plated flat copper windings (lead frames), planar transformers and inductors are more compact than traditional wire-wound transformers and provide high power density. These solutions provide a great degree of design flexibility and can be modified to more precisely fit the parameters of specific applications. The technology is perfect for demanding applications where space and weight savings are vital, including those of the Renewable Energy, Automotive, Telecommunications, and Aerospace industries.

Standex-Meder will also highlight its complete line of industry-leading transformers and inductors at the show, including toroidal transformers and inductors, current sense and pot core transformers, as well as its two-wire and form-wound power inductors. Standex-Meder can design and build mounting and termination options to meet exact specifications for a wide power range. With unrivaled in-house stamping, molding, winding and termination capabilities, Standex-Meder can tailor a standard product or begin from scratch with a new design.

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