Standalone Li-Ion UPS from Bedrock Automation Sets New Performance and Cyber Security Standard for Industrial Control System Backup

San Jose, CA – Bedrock Automation introduces a cyber secure, standalone Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for industrial control system applications. The BedrockTM UPS.500 features powerful onboard electronics that enhance the performance advantages of lithium ion (Li-Ion) polymer battery technology, manage Bedrock’s patented deep authentication cyber protection and enable secure Ethernet communications. A sealed NEMA4x aluminum housing provides protection from cyber tampering and enables use amidst the most challenging field installations.

High performance in a small footprint

The Bedrock UPS.500 provides 24 Vdc 12 Ah of power for any DCS, PLC, PAC or SCADA RTU application. An onboard secure microcontroller controls the Li-Ion polymer battery cell-by-cell, augmenting the high density, rapid charging, extreme temperature tolerance and extended life that characterizes Li-Ion technology. Compared to traditional systems using lead acid batteries, the Bedrock UPS.500 extracts all of the advantages of lithium energy storage including extreme energy density and significant improvements in size, weight, and useful life. The UPS.500 also recharges 10 times faster than conventional lead acid battery system.

Embedded cyber security protection

The onboard electronics enable Bedrock Automation’s patented embedded deep trust ICS cyber security, whichworks transparently and instantly upon startup to manage Bedrock’s authentication process. This authentication strategy protects the hardware, firmware, software and communication of the UPS throughout its entire lifecycle. Few other industrial UPSs have onboard electronics, and none have comparable intelligence, memory or cyber security protection.

Secure Ethernet

With the secure onboard microcontroller comes secure 10/100 Mbit Ethernet IPv4 and IPv6 communications and support for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Embedded Web Server and embedded IEC 62541 - OPC Unified ArchitectureServer. Bi-directional communications enable control, diagnostics and status reporting. More than 35 diagnostic variables can be easily monitored, trended, alarmed and historicized via SCADA, enterprise and cloud applications securely.

Field ready

The UPS.500 is also rugged, shock and vibration proof and designed for use in extreme environments. Encased in a sealed aluminum housing, the UPS.500 is compliant with IP67 and NEMA 4X standards for resistance to water, ice, oil and dust. The sealed all aluminum case reduces installation costs by eliminating the need for separate environmental protection enclosures.

Pricing and availability

The Bedrock UPS will be available for delivery in June of 2016. The suggested US list price is $4000. For more information, visit

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