Stainless-Steel Flow Sensors Boost Signal Strength

In addition to improving thermal stability, CeramTec optimizes the performance of its range of 1-MHz stainless steel water metering sensors by boosting signal strength up to 30%. Sensors perform differently at various temperature ranges, affecting overall quality of meter readings. The improved thermal stability of CeramTec’s range of sensors means that the change in signal and frequency is of a more linear nature, allowing for sensors to be calibrated by water meter manufacturers for maximum accuracy.


Additionally, signal strength is now 30% greater than before, resulting in a longer projected lifespan for water meters. Increased sensitivity also means that overall power consumption is reduced, since the same signal level can be reached with a lower drive voltage. Moreover, the improved time of flight measurement characteristics of the sensors help to deliver a greater degree of synchronicity with the rest of meter. 

The sensors can withstand pressures up to 100 Bar and deliver stable performance under temperature fluctuations with an upper threshold of +120ºC. For further information, a data brochure is available.


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