StackableUSB Carrier Boards from Micro/sys

StackableUSB Carrier Boards from Micro/sys

Micro/sys Inc., Montrose, CA, offers the USB4364, USB5364, and USB3364 carrier boards that support, respectively, the Nano-ITX, Pico-ITX, and 104 Form factors and provide OEMs direct connection from their processor board's PC-style USB ports to StackableUSB Clients. The carrier board, using the various form factor mounting holes, attaches to the SBC and creates up to 4 USB bays/carrier board. Depending on the application needs, the devices can be configured as hub or carrier boards. As a hub board, each USB port from the SBC can be expanded into 4 USB channels and operated off the hub carrier board. As a carrier board, the devices let an OEM interface with up to 4 separate root USB ports from the SBC.

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