SSS Releases Industry-First IEEE-1451 Wireless Sensor Interface

Smart Sensor Systems Inc. (SSS), Loveland, CO, is pleased to announce the availability of their TinyTIM transducer interface module in evaluation quantities. TinyTIM is a wireless high-performance smart sensor interface based on Bluetooth radio technology. TinyTIM can acquire data from up to 6 analog sensors at a data rate of up to 20,000 sps. The product also provides 4 digital inputs and 4 outputs.

SSS has been working with the IEEE 1451.0 and IEEE 1451.5 working groups to answer industry and government requests for an open sensor integration standard that can be used to develop, custom-off-the-shelf intelligent sensor systems.

"This product represents an important step in removing proprietary barriers from the wireless sensor market," said Smart Sensor Systems chief technical officer, Jay Nemeth-Johannes. "Our products will all be designed to be interoperable and interchangeable with other 1451 compliant products."

TinyTIM provides signal conditioning for interfacing most common analog sensors. It also provides common methods for data collection and control. The product includes a table-driven utility to enter sensor characteristics and calibration data. It also includes application software to read and process sensor data using standardized IEEE-1451 API calls.

TinyTIM is priced at $1295 and is currently available in evaluation quantities. For more information about TinyTIM, please visit the company's Web site.

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