SS Load Cell from SCAIME

SS Load Cell from SCAIME

The SK30X SS welded-seal shear beam load cell from SCAIME, Annemasse, France, is designed for industrial applications and trade scales. Available in capacities from 300–2000 kg, sensors have a certified accuracy up to 6000 divisions OIML and 5000 divisions NTEP. Features include an IP68 rating and a current-matched output. You can combine the load cell with the company's LFA self-aligning loading foot or STABIFLEX or ISOFLEX mounting assemblies. (In the U.S., contact the French Technology Press Office, 312-327-5260, fax 312-327-5261, [email protected].)

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Company: SCAIME
Phone number: +33-(0)4-50-87-78-64
Fax: +33 (0)4-50-87-78-42

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