SPTS Technologies Named MEMS/Sensors Supplier of the Year

Newport, United Kingdom – SPTS Technologies was named MEMS/Sensors Supplier of the Year. In addition, Kevin Crofton, President – SPTS Technologies & Corporate VP – Orbotech, was voted as the runner-up in the “MEMS/Sensors Executive of the Year” award category.

Widely recognized as the leader in deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) technology, a key building block in MEMS fabrication, SPTS also offers a broad range of wafer processing equipment critical to the manufacture of MEMS devices These include low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) of SiN, low temperature plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) of SiO/SiN, plasma etching of dielectrics, physical vapor deposition (PVD) of aluminum nitride, and vapor release etch processes using HF or XeF2 chemistries. As a result, SPTS’ equipment is the process tool of record at 28 of the world’s top 30 MEMS makers and the top 20 MEMS foundries worldwide.

“We are really pleased to have won this category for the second year running,” said Kevin Crofton. “Our product and technical teams work hard to push the boundaries of all these key processes which contribute to the manufacturing and commercial success of a wide variety of MEMS devices. This award is especially important as we were selected by an industry-wide vote, and it acknowledges our contribution to the MEMS industry.”

For more details about SPTS Technologies, visit http://www.spts.com

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