Spring-Loaded Position Sensors Ensure Pneumatic Cylinder Operation

Spring-Loaded Position Sensors Ensure Pneumatic Cylinder Operation
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To ensure proper operation of pneumatic cylinders, the BBP Series Air Extended, Spring-Loaded LVDT Position Sensors feature a probe that moves out and makes measurements only near the very end of the probe movement when it is almost fully extended and then retracts so the probe gets out of the way of damage. Reportedly, these 3/8-in. diameter pencil type gaging probes measure the position of a target surface with a high degree of accuracy. Because probe measurement is made only near the very end of the probe movement, such as when it is almost all the way extended, a short range LVDT can be used to get high resolution. In this configuration, a short range LVDT linear position sensor (0.050” to 0.125”) that measures a short distance can be used to get highest resolution as the full range of the cylinder stroke often does not have to be measured. For more information, visit http://www.macrosensors.com/BBP_BBT.html  

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