Spreadtrum Joins Forces with Qianxun Weizhi to Accelerate the Industrialization of the BeiDou Satellite Navigation System

HANGZHOU, China --- Spreadtrum Communications announces a strategic cooperation with Qianxun Weizhi, an open positioning service platform. The two firms plan to leverage their respective advantages in technology, marketing and expertise in positioning service platforms, and combining with cloud computing, data technology and the present ecosystem, to build a complete eco-industry chain for positioning services and to promote the commercial development of Chinese BeiDou Satellite Navigation System.

Qianxun Weizhi owns the BeiDou Ground Base Enhancement System (BGBES), a network consisting of a series of ground base stations, an operating system and a precision positioning system, as well as the core algorithm and extensive experience in managing internet networks. As part of the strategic cooperation, Qianxun Weizhi will provide Spreadtrum's platforms with FindNow, a standardized augmentation of a global navigation satellite system (A-GNSS) that supports three major satellite systems, A-BDS/A-GPS/A-GLONASS, high precision differential positioning services as well as extended ephemeris technology. Based on its present core platform, Spreadtrum will support Qianxun Weizhi in terms of service interfaces and, at the same time, leverage its advantages in the marketing of mobile communication chips and the technology behind the Beidou navigation chip, in a move to expand the application market for Beidou and to improve the positioning service industry across China.

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