Spotlight Monitoring System Optimizes Reciprocating Machinery

Windsock unveils its latest Spotlight Monitoring System, an automated, real-time solution that leverages IIoT principles to deliver insights into the health and performance of critical assets. The system is a plug-and-play solution that utilizes edge hardware, called Spotlight PUC, to acquire high-speed rotating data. The Spotlight Controller then sends this data over to a Microsoft Azure hosted cloud via gateway, where Windsock Enterprise, an intuitive data visualization software proprietary to Windsock, provides actionable insights and uncovers trends concerning the health of the entire fleet of assets.


In addition, the system allows for tiered services to enable digital transformation. Customers can use the powerful monitoring tier to get complete visibility and then augment it with algorithmic analyses from Windsock Enterprise. The premium “Optimize” tier also offers full service optimization advisories from Windsock Subject Matter Experts.


More information is available about the Spotlight Monitoring System.

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